Today we celebrate Constantin Mititeanu, who reached the beautiful age of 82 years. Happy birthday!. On 14.05.1939 Eme Sabin Doctor was born. Today we celebrate 36 years since Traversarea Îngerilor (Peretele Mariei) first ascent


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The association of the Cross Bayou Caliman has completed the project, "Bayou – a-destination for the lovers of rock-climbing". He has made 19 of climbing routes with varying degrees of difficulty, and the 13 tracks on the Tarn, and the 6 paths at the Loma?i?ei I know is Accessible. The length of the route varies between 12 and 27 feet.
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Stone: andesite



Nr.    Name    Stone    Altitude    Height    Routes    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Faleza Lomăşiţa With picture Coordinatesandesite500

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GPS: N 47° 02' 35.6" E 25° 18' 44.3"    

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GPS: N 47° 02' 35.6" E 25° 18' 44.3"    

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