Today we celebrate László Karácsonyi, who reached the beautiful age of 89 years. Happy birthday!. On 21.01.1912 Leova Stolear was born.

About ClimbRomania

  • About ClimbRomania

A complete database

ClimbRomania is a portal where we seek to gather information (text and photo) about frequently climbed routes, as well as about those forgotten or rarely climbed.

The information is gathered from everywhere, from various printed sources (classic mountain monographs with sections about climbing routes, autobiographies, newspapers, sports and mountain magazines, alpine maps) as well as from the online, blogs, photo albums, FB and other sites, not just those specialized in mountaineering or climbing where information of interest is posted. The information source is mentioned down in the description section of each mountaineer, route, wall, massive, mountain.

This website is non-profit that will never host advertisements.

Route filter

The site allows several filters depending on the climber's preferences:

  • Do you like chimneys? Simple, you go to page Advanced Search and check routes with chimneys .
  • You like only free climbing and your max grade is UIAA 7. You choose your routes accordingly to your rotpunkt grade.
  • Want to climb routes with old pitons and pegs, you can set this option too. Or maybe you prefer rebolted routes, with mechanical or chemical anchors.

On site you can see the activity of each mountaineer (first ascent, repaired routes, winter first ascent, or solitary first ascent). There is also a timeline to see his evolution in time.
After logging in (with Fb, G + or standard with user and password), users can give stars to each route, rock quality or protection so that we can have a general view of the route.
Uncovered areas are to be filled in with topo and description, depending on the available time; ClimbRomania team is a small one, and the vast information is time consuming. In parallel with the online search information, a research of the old sports magazines is done, for filling in information on climbers and routes opened before 1990.

Your contribution matters

It takes little time and need just two clicks to login with Fb. And a few more clicks to tick route as climbed and give it a star rating. Your opinion matters and it's never been easier..

And as a bonus you have a timeline of climbed routes, so you can see your progress and history of your climbing.

Those with more time can contribute with descriptions of routes or areas. A photo or a topo can be uploaded with 2-3 clicks. One of the requests would be to use diacritic (for writing in Romanian), if this can not be done (whatever the reason), just give us a short message in the Contact section and we will modify the text.

English version

The website is also available in English, users have access to information about grades, topo, number of climbs and user opinion (beauty, quality, protection etc), translated correctly.

Route description, access and retreating descriptions are translated automatically by Yandex Translate. We are working hard to translate them manually, but the volume of data is huge and help is needed from people willing to help us with a translation.


Anyone can request the structured information database on the tables, Route, Wall, Massive, Mountain, Climbers, Articles and News by sending an email to Contact and presenting why it needs it. Any other application, site, book, etc. is welcome in the climbing community.

Any moderator user who wants to remove a description or a topo due to copyright issues can do it by himself, and then send an email to invoking the copyright reason for deleting the information concerned. For standard and power users and also for simple visitors an email to is enough.

I want to be a moderator

If you have more spare time and you want to contribute with an article, a description or update an old one gives us an email to