Today we celebrate 68 years since Creasta Piticului (Padina lui Călineţ) first ascent.  

List of climbers

  • List of climbers

Romanian climbers


Nr.  Name    First ascents    Routes repaired    
1.  Adrian Tănase With description With picture150
2.  Adrian Vălean With description With video40
3.  Alexandru Beldie With description With picture40
4.  Alexandru Brumărescu With description With picture50
5.  Alexandru Bulgăr With description With picture30
6.  Alexandru Floricioiu With description With picture With video310
7.  Alexandru Halibei With description With picture80
8.  Alexandru Lungan With description With picture120
9.  Alexandru Pătraşcu With description With picture60
10.  Alexandru Rudeanu With description20
11.  Alexandru Stătescu With description50
12.  Andrei Beleaua With description With picture With video180
13.  Andrei Ghiţescu With description With picture100
14.  Andrei Gîţă110
15.  Andrei Moldovan With description With picture40
16.  Andrei Vârlan With description200
17.  Aurel Irimia With description With picture420
18.  Avel Ritişan With description With picture With video80
19.  Bogdan Rus With description With video00
20.  Busuioc Păun With description130
21.  Carol Lehmann With description With picture00
22.  Casian Sănduţă With picture60
23.  Cezar Manea With description With picture84
24.  Constantin Braneci163
25.  Constantin Conteş With description With picture50
26.  Constantin Mititeanu With description With picture With video20
27.  Constantin Ţico With description20
28.  Cornel Alexandru With description130
29.  Cornel Sain With description With picture With video911
30.  Cornel Zarescu With description71
31.  Cristi Iacob340
32.  Cristian Andreescu With description With picture80
33.  Cristian Laudoniu With description With picture20
34.  Cristian Torică With description With video20
35.  Dan Borcea With description91
36.  Dan Burcea With description With video892
37.  Dan Florescu50
38.  Dan Lubenescu With description With picture60
39.  Dan Pichiu With description With picture80
40.  Dan Popescu With description With picture90
41.  Dan Vasilescu With description With picture With video10910
42.  Dinu Cunescu With description10
43.  Dionisie Daro With description With picture60
44.  Dorel Şapira With description With picture20
45.  Doru Oros With description10
46.  Doru Vasilescu With picture70
47.  Dumitru Chivu With description With picture210
48.  Dumitru Marin140
49.  Edy Aerkeder With description With picture10
50.  Emil Coliban With description With picture100
51.  Emil Fodoreanu With picture10
52.  Emil Fomino With description130
53.  Emilian Cristea With description With picture520
54.  Ervan Sarafian With description With picture20
55.  Erwin Csallner With description60
56.  Eugen Seracin With description With picture With video90
57.  Éva Kolcza With picture20
58.  Felicia Enache With description With picture30
59.  Florian Mastacan With description With video383
60.  Florin Stan With description With picture110
61.  Florin Ularu With description With picture111
62.  Florin Vasluianu With description With picture30
63.  Florin-Ciprian Andrecuț With description With video160
64.  Francisc Severin With description10
65.  Francisc Wild With description With picture110
66.  Franz Bauschke With description With picture40
67.  George Stăncescu With description With video70
68.  George Stroie (Bivuacu) With picture With video91
69.  Gheorghe Crăciun With description150
70.  Gheorghe Creangă With description With picture40
71.  Gheorghe Enache (Ceaca) With description With picture90
72.  Gheorghe Enache (Genu) With picture60
73.  Gheorghe Frim With description20
74.  Gheorghe Iusco With description With picture30
75.  Gheorghe Jinga With picture10
76.  Gheorghe Papp With description100
77.  Gheorghe Peteu With description With picture30
78.  Gheorghe Roşculeţ With description With picture90
79.  Gheorghe Udrea With description60
80.  Gheorghe Vrăjitoru With description50
81.  Gicu Nicolescu With description With picture10
82.  György Kovács With picture40
83.  Halina Lascăr With description10
84.  Hans Gora20
85.  Horen Bedrosian With description With picture10
86.  Horst Truesch With description40
87.  Igor Popovici With description With picture00
88.  Ioan Neagoe (Nuşu) With picture With video21
89.  Ioan Pivodă With description With picture With video40
90.  Ion Chiciorea With description60
91.  Ion Dragomir With description With picture70
92.  Ion Ionescu-Dunăreanu With description With picture70
93.  Ion Manof With description10
94.  Ion Săcărea With description With picture30
95.  Ion Şincan With description With picture90
96.  Ion Stănilă-Junior With description With picture00
97.  Ion Stănilă-Senior With description00
98.  Ion Trandafir With description With picture30
99.  Ionel Coman With description With picture300
100.  Ioni Mânzatu With description With video31
101.  Iosefina Petroff With description40
102.  Iosif Barath150
103.  Iosif Gheţie With description With picture260
104.  Iuliana Enache20
105.  János Török With description With video390
106.  Justin Ionescu With description With video112
107.  Kurt Schnabel With description With picture30
108.  Ladislau Biró With description60
109.  Ladislau Hatházi With description With picture90
110.  László Fucskó With description With picture With video125
111.  László Karácsonyi With description With picture430
112.  Laurenţiu Anghel With picture496
113.  Leova Stolear With description With picture20
114.  Liliana Becea With description With picture00
115.  Liviu Ciucăşel With description80
116.  Madeleine Knapp With description With picture40
117.  Madlena Breahnă With description00
118.  Marian Anghel With description With picture80
119.  Marin Gherasim With description With picture40
120.  Marius Gane With description With picture With video00
121.  Marius Mărcuş With description50
122.  Matei Schenn With description With picture410
123.  Michael Buchholtzer With description With picture60
124.  Mihai Pupeza With description With picture50
125.  Mihai Sima With picture With video35
126.  Mihnea Prundeanu With description With video20
127.  Mihnea Rădulescu With description With picture40
128.  Miklós Gyöngyösi With description50
129.  Miklós Nagy With description With picture200
130.  Mircea Crăciunescu With description30
131.  Mircea Noaghiu With description With picture With video70
132.  Mircea Opriş With description With picture With video130
133.  Mircea Săndulescu With description With picture With video142
134.  Misi Szalma With description With picture40
135.  Nae Dimitriu With description With picture70
136.  Nae Moldovan With description With picture10
137.  Nae Zbârcea With description With picture10
138.  Nestor Urechia With description With picture00
139.  Nicolae Anghelide With description With picture40
140.  Nicolae Bogdan With description With picture10
141.  Nicolae Budeancă With description With picture With video650
142.  Nicolae Bulmez With description10
143.  Nicolae Butmăloi With description With picture00
144.  Nicolae Călin With description With picture110
145.  Nicolae Cojanu With description With picture10
146.  Nicolae Dini With description40
147.  Nicolae Dobre With description With picture40
148.  Nicolae Gelepeanu With description With picture00
149.  Nicolae Jitaru With description With picture200
150.  Nicolae Leuşcă With description140
151.  Nicolae Nevezi With description40
152.  Nicolae Tătulescu With description130
153.  Niculae Baticu With description With picture120
154.  Niculae Comănescu With description With picture60
155.  Norbert Hiemesch With description With picture200
156.  Octavian Brătilă (Bulinel) With description With picture70
157.  Octavian Fratu With description10
158.  Oliver Batâr With picture945
159.  Oskar Schöbesch With description With picture10
160.  Paul Alboteanu With description With picture30
161.  Paul Fozocoş With description With picture With video170
162.  Petre Bordea With description With picture50
163.  Petre Cristina With description With picture190
164.  Petre Santo With description10
165.  Petre Strat With description20
166.  Pincu Weintraub With description20
167.  Pompiliu Pascu With description With picture150
168.  Radu Constantin With description40
169.  Radu Niţu With description With picture10
170.  Radu Slăvoacă With description With picture80
171.  Radu Ţiţeica With description With picture30
172.  Răzvan Petcu With picture20
173.  Robert Domneșteanu With description00
174.  Roland Welkens With description With picture290
175.  Rosi Beer With description With picture30
176.  Rudolf Nagy With picture10
177.  Sanda Dumitrescu-Isăilă With description00
178.  Şerban Ţiţeica With description With picture30
179.  Sergiu Cunescu With description With picture10
180.  Silviu Corciovei With description With video100
181.  Sorin Tulea With description With picture70
182.  Ştefan Focşe With description10
183.  Ştefan Fontanella With description10
184.  Szabolcs Harghitay With description With picture90
185.  Taina Duţescu-Coliban With description With picture00
186.  Teofil Vlad With description With picture With video30
187.  Ticu Lăcătușu With description With video260
188.  Titi Ionescu With description With picture60
189.  Titus Gonţea With picture With video1626
190.  Toma Boerescu With description With picture60
191.  Traian Flucuş With description With picture40
192.  Tudor Hurbean With description With picture100
193.  Udo Falk With description10
194.  Valentin Garner With description With picture170
195.  Valeria Tudoroiu With description00
196.  Vasile Petec With description With picture270
197.  Vasile Teodorescu With description With picture00
198.  Veronica Gheţie With description With picture90
199.  Vicol Şălaru With description20
200.  Victor Măciucă With description100
201.  Viorel Amzăroiu With video10
202.  Viorel Boboc With picture120
203.  Viorel Borteş With picture With video60
204.  Viorel Ene200
205.  Viorel Nicolaescu With description With picture With video140
206.  Viorica Stoica-Canarache With description With picture00
207.  Vlad Petcu With description With picture110
208.  Walter Gutt With description With picture10
209.  Walter Kargel With description With picture80
210.  Zsolt Török With description With video100