Today we celebrate 48 years since Hornul Suspinelor (Peretele Padinei Şindileriei) first ascent, 17 years since El Monstro (Peretele Zânelor) first ascent, 75 years since Extrema stângă a Peretelui Marelui Grohotiș (Peretele Central al Marelui Grohotiş) first ascent

Zoltán Buzási

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First ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Ocean With topo With picture Coordinates9-17 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Tunel 1 (Ocean)
2.Yesterday With topo With picture Coordinates8+17 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Tunel 1 (Ocean)
3.It's so easy With topo Coordinates8-/820 m0     Sport climbingPeștera Black Woman
4.Wild Life With topo Coordinates920 m0     Sport climbingPeștera Black Woman
5.Heaven & Heal With topo Coordinates9+15 m0     Sport climbingPeștera Black Woman
6.Black Woman With topo Coordinates915 m0     Sport climbingPeștera Black Woman
7.Cuib de Bufniţă Coordinates8-30 m0     Sport climbingPeştera Caprei

Sport climbing
Sport climbing
Sport climbing
Sport climbing
Sport climbing
Sport climbing
Sport climbing



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