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Profile Titi Ionescu - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

   Born: One thousand nine hundred eight
Deceased: One thousand nine hundred seventy four

She was a clerk at the Gas works, and Electricity to Bucharest, romania.
He has led the campaign for the exploration of the association, the A. D. M. I. R. (1938-39) the slope of the Rock Mountains.
”In 1939, the Bound Ige and the Franz Bauschke, the best climbers have A. D. D. I. M. R. have been made in the Stone Craiuiui a couple of firsts for the difficulty of the small, some are questionable, given the fact that the zarne?tenii, and the people of the Rî?nov get some of it, but write it somewhere.
We may, however, be mentioned that of the two of them:
July 2, 1939 to the Shoulders of the piatra Craiului mountains, tier II B (L Ionescu, head of branch, assistant of Franz Bauschke);
July 6 — the Funnel closed, the Girdle Ciorînga High-class-II, (L Brown, Franz Bauschke);
July 14, Col?iiGemeni, grade II (L Smith, james smith Dunareanu);
July 14 — the edge of the ?imbalului a Small class II (the same team);
July 18 — the Canyon of the Ciorînga High-class-III-A (same team);
July 25 — the Needle of the Crack (the classic route), grade III (L Smith, Franz Bauschke).”

Information source
Radu Țiteica, Niculae Baticu - Pe crestele Carpaților
Mircea Ordean
- Foto alaturi de N. Baticu

First ascents/Bolted routes

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Acul Crăpăturii (Traseul clasic)Access Natural Park Piatra Craiului Fantastic With description With picture With video Coordinates3A, 5c5 pitches3,5     Classic routeAcul Crăpăturii
2.Hornul Închis (Vâlcelul din Brâul Ciorânga Mare)Access Natural Park Piatra Craiului With description With picture Coordinates2A5 pitches4     Alpine routeBrâul Ciorânga Mare
3.Muchia Ţimbalului MicAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului With description With picture2A0     Classic routeZona Valea Podurilor - Brâul de Mijloc
4.Colţii Gemeni (Traseul Titi Ionescu)Access Natural Park Piatra Craiului With picture2A3 pitches0     Classic routeZona Colţii Gemeni
5.Umerii Pietrei Craiului - Traseul DunăreanuAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture With video2B4,8     Alpine routeUmărul de Jos
6.Padina LănciiAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului With description With topo With picture With video1A4     Alpine routeVăi și brâne



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