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First ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Fisura Pinului With pictureA112 m0     Trad/AidPeretele Pinului
2.Faţa Pinului With picture7+12 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Pinului
3.Tăcerea Albă With picture4B, 7+2 pitches0     Classic routeStânu Stupului
4.Chipul Împietrit With picture4B, (A2)2 pitches0     Classic routeStânu Stupului
5.Stânu Stupului With picture4B, 9-2 pitches0     Classic routeStânu Stupului
6.Mallory With description With picture4B2 pitches0     Classic routeStânu Stupului
7.Arcadelor4A2 pitches0     Classic routeFisurile Suspendate
8.Diedrul Suspendat7+15 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Diedrelor
9.?8+0     Sport climbingPeretele Diedrelor
10.??20 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Diedrelor
11.?8-15 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Diedrelor
12.Traseu15 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Peşterii 1 (7b)
13.Pocalul7-15 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Peşterii 1 (7b)
14.Radical7+15 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Peşterii 1 (7b)
15.Arta Ochilor8-15 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Peşterii 1 (7b)
16.Arta OchilorA2, 815 m0     Sport climbing/AidPeretele Peşterii 1 (7b)
17.Fisura Clepsidrelor6+/7-15 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Peşterii 1 (7b)
18.Argila6+15 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Peşterii 1 (7b)
19.Iedera7-15 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Peşterii 1 (7b)
20.In Memoriam Szuhi László With picture4B, 7+2 pitches0     Classic routeLa Lac
21.Traseul Mămăruțelor With picture4A, 73 pitches0     Classic routePiatra Bulzului

Classic route
Classic route
Sport climbing
Sport climbing/Aid
Sport climbing
Sport climbing

? 8-

Sport climbing
Sport climbing
Sport climbing
Sport climbing
Sport climbing
Sport climbing
Classic route
Sport climbing

? 8+

Sport climbing

? ?




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