Today we celebrate 49 years since Traseul Ciuboţica Ursului (Turnul Galben al Dianei) first ascent, 49 years since Fisura Galbenă (Brâul Ciorânga Mare) first ascent

Petre Cristina

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In September 1959 Dumitru Chivu attended the school of ca?aratura organized by the Romanian Federation of skiing, bob and rock climbing at the Ialomita Cave (instructors — Alexander Floricioiu and Aurel Irimia). Among the peers of the series, with a lot of talent and Petre Cristina, all of the Logs.

The Ialomita Cave was organised the school with the climbers beginners. He had 30 participants of which 10 girls. The courses lasted 15 days. Were highlighted: Erwin Wrobel and Adriana Stoia, from the group led by Aurel Irimia; Petre Cristina and Elena Petre, a group led by Tudor Hurbean; (...)

1961 Premiere. Focusing on the achievement award, the F. R. S. B. A. he obtained in 1961, a record number, 220 new trails, through the (...) House Officers Brasov (47), through Aurel Irimia, Ladislaus Karacsony, Matthew Schenn and Petre Cristina (coach Emilian Cristea); (...)

1961 - Alpiniada summer, the first stage, held in the Bucegi mountains, in the month of June. They presented the 69 teams from 27 wards with 106 climbers. Have been carried out ascents on the different routes, thus: (...) Crack Miller (Petre Cristina and Gheorghe Cincu, C. O. B.); (...).

Between 21 and 23 august 1961 at the traditional alpiniada from Bucegi, Piatra Craiului and Cheile Bicazului, organized by the F. R. S. B. A., was attended by 15 teams of climbers from various clubs and associations. (...) in the Bicaz Gorges: trail Crack Art was uploaded by Alexander Statescu and Ion Chiciorea (Metal) in six hours; of Petre Cristina and Ladislaus Karacsony (C. O. B.), in three hours and 40 minutes. After this climbing, the team's coach declaring about Petre Cristina: "the youngest of the team and the apprentice in this sport, a talented climber and full of youthful enthusiasm, he finished the course in the head of the chord, that a master of the sport..."; (...)

Information source
Radu Ţiteica, Niculae Baticu - Pe crestele Carpaţilor, Editura Sport Turism, 1984

First ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Faţa sud-vestică a peretelui Urlătorii Mari With description With topo With picture Coordinates5B9 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Urlătorii Mari
2.Creasta Centrală With description With topo With picture Coordinates5A8 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Urlătorii Mari
3.Hornul Agăţat With description With topo With picture Coordinates5B8 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Urlătorii Mari
4.25 Octombrie With description With topo With picture Coordinates5B11 pitches0     Classic routePeretele sudic al Clăii Mari
5.Colţul Moşului With description With topo With picture4A4 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
6.Hornul Căţărătorului With description Coordinates5B6 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Mălăieşti
7.Traseul Vânătorilor de Munte4A0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
8.Traseul Lariţei4A0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
9.Turnul cu Zade Unidentified route3B3pitches0     Classic routePadina Crucii
10.Colţul dintre Hornuri4B3 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
11.Fisura Întreruptă With description With topo Coordinates4A6 pitches0     Classic routeBucura III - Peretele Nordic
12.Tăul Agăţat With description Coordinates2B5 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Porţii (Vârful Judele II - Mic)
13.Faţa Vestică a Vârfului Judele Unidentified route Coordinates2A5 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Porţii (Vârful Judele II - Mic)
14.Faţa Nord-Vestică a Vârfului Judele II Unidentified route Coordinates3A4 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Porţii (Vârful Judele II - Mic)
15.Piciorul Judelui Mare (Faţa dinspre Turnul Porţii) Unidentified route Coordinates4A4 pitches0     Classic routeVârful Judele (Mare)
16.Omul de Zăpadă With topo With picture3B2 pitches0     Classic routeOmul de Zăpadă
17.Fisura Surducului Mare 5 star route With topo With picture With video6B, 7/7+8 pitches3     Classic routePeretele Nordic
18.Diedrul Cuiburilor de Şoimi With topo With video4B, 7/7+ (A1)4 pitches3     Classic routeSuhardul Mic
19.Traseul Spintecăturii With topo4A, 6+ (A1)3 pitches2     Classic routeSuhardul Mic
20.Pintenul Suhardului With topo4A, 7-/7 (A1/A2)3 pitches2     Classic routeSuhardul Mic
21.Creasta Ienuperilor3B5 pitches1     Classic routeSuhardul Mic



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