Today we celebrate 5 years since Xibalba (Peretele Văii Albe) first ascent

Nestor Urechia

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Profile Nestor Urechia - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

   Born: 01.05.1866, Bucharest
Deceased: 09.04.1931

Son of V. A. Urechia(1834-1901) - historian, writer, member of the Romanian Academy, was born on 1 may 1866. He completed studies of engineering in the country and in France, becoming the prosesor at the School of bridges and roads. In 1916 we find him conductor of the road Campina-Predeal. It is established in the Logs and raises a dwelling at the exit of the village towards Gura Diham.
The first ascent on the mountain he did it in the company of Nicholas it follows a steep ascent, a famous guide to those times, which tied a friendship for the rest of your life. Also, the guide to the entire abrupt of Bucegi was Nicholas Butmaloi, the famous hunter of goats and cabana boy at the House of the Cave.
In love like no other by the Bucegi, Nestor Urechia dedicated to their literary pages of deep poetry, has spoken about them at numerous public conferences. In 1904 he published the book "the Fairies in the Valley of the Deer", stories for children, published since then in over 15 editions. Of the many books dedicated to walking on the mountain, the careful study on the flowers and creatures small, remember the headlines: "Beloved ones let us be the mountains", "the Robinsons of the Bucegi mountains", "the Smile of the earth", the "Charming nature".
In 1926 they met in many areas of steep markups, with small boards attached to trees, which he had on his Belt Mark of Jepi and Poiana Târlelor and the Gate of the Caraiman.
Nestor Urechia we owe the numerous names from the steep eastern wall of Bucegi mountains:: The Giant, the Rock and the Chimney's it follows a steep ascent, all of Co?tila.

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