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Mircea Gheorghiu

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August 19, 1942 — the road to the Central of the wall to the Summit-Cold, grade-IV (Emilian Cristea Mircea, Romania).
Most important, however, to give it a bigger foothold will be found in the Romanian and ca?araturii, it was the climbing school for the summer at the cabana Curmatura in Piatra Craiului national park, organized by the department of tourism of the C. G. M., during The period from 1 July to 1 October 1950, the school, and, respectively, the students have enjoyed the broad support of the organizers. Through the school, there have been four sets of each of 32 students, each and every series following the rates for a 15-zile4. As an exercise, students had a whole mountain of "piatra Craiului".The recruitment of participants was carried out by the trade unions, in the ranks of the workers ' youth. The instructors were: Mircea Gheorghiu, Constantin Georgescu, Nicholas Petit, Erwin Csallner, Peter Layer, Mircea, Bogdan, and others.
In the 1950s, he led the school to a technical mountain to the refuge of the Co?tila.
In December, 1950, Gheorghe, Vidrascu, the chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport signed a decree on the basis of which was formed the central Committee for rock climbing, with the following structure: general, Constantin Doncea, Constantin, Messinger, colonel Vasile Stoica, Simon He, said that the Tuhai, mr. Constantin Dumitrescu, Constantin Petrescu, Virgil Georgescu, Ion, Tache, Mircea Munteanu, Gabriela Reinhorn, Constantin Duta Petre Coat, Nicholas Petit, Bernard Vogel, Ihula Mikka, Amilcar Constantinescu, Mircea Gheorghiu, Walter Kleinberg, John Layman, Constantin Ionescu, and Ion Wasi.
In the month of march, 1951, for a four-member team of climbers of the C. A. C. took a trip on the route Busteni—the Valley of the Nettles—the Girdle of Co?tilei—The Priponului—Deer Valley—Logs; on the same day, and the climbers Progress, they took the same tour, led by Mircea Gheorghiu.
The Sport is very popular, no. 2010 February 23, 1952, he published an article about the connection string, ca?aratura free ramonajul the booster.
25th-27th march, 1953 and the completion of the ridge of the massif, the mountains, in winter, on the way to the cottage Pietrile—height Lolaia—Top Off the Tip of Enjoy the the Top of the Cross— Top of the Doll With the Valley of the Evil—the Top of the Mill-Foot Lanci?iului—the Baleia1 (Mircea, co-founder, paul gallagher, Moses, Nicholas, Person).
June 13, 1954 — three teams of the association, the Progress of the run by Erwin Csallner, Which are Known, and that Alexander George, you've come to the trails —Ro?cule?, and the Marigolds
The alpiniada from the winter of 1957 - male - a 3-Course (Victor's Club, Which co-founder Serban-Severin)
In the autumn of 1962 he was the head coach of the section of the mountaineering association of I. T. B.

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Pe crestele Carpaților

First ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Traseul Central din Peretele Piscului ReceAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului With description With topo With picture5A10 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Piscului Rece



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