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He was one of the instructors at the first school mountaineers winter organized by the C. G. M. in April 1951 in Fagaras Mountains, along with George Petrescu, Simon Culica, Ilie Munteanu, Garabet Ingian, Erwin Csallner, Vladi Pîslaru, Virgil Georgescu.
He was also one of the 22 instructors (Simon Culica, Valentin Atanasiu, Pompiliu Moses, Ion Tache, Elena Bologa, Dinu Cunescu, etc.) from the third school of climbing summer (second in 1951). This occurred in the Bucegi massif, in the Ialomita Cave, the students with the field of exercise both Tower Seciului, as well as the wall mount of the Old woman. At this school have taken part 112 students, from all over the country.
In august 1952 he worked at "Podragu" chalet in Fagaras Mountains a camp alpina improvement to which he was the lead instructor. On this occasion some instructors have achieved a series of firsts with their groups: instructor Mircea Negulescu, overhanging climbing from the northern wall of the Ucii Large (Nicolae Dobre, Victor Dick, Venuti Feruccio, head, changed);
In September 1952 a new school of climbing summer and opened its doors to the Ialomita Cave, with the second series. The Director was Ion Tache, and Mircea Negulescu, the lead instructor.
In October 1952 C. G. M. has organized a camp at the cottage Cave. Instructors Aurel Irimia, Mircea Negulescu, Constantin Nemes heads of the fathers of the rope, with the second most students, have carried out a number of awards in the area.
He took part in the first championship of the climbing team, "against the time" of the P. R. R. held in august 1953 on the Tower Seciului at the entrance to the Trail. The contest lasted three days. On the first day in 5th place was the team Locomotive — Nicholas Lorincz, Ion Baltes and Mircea Negulescu. Route no. 2. It went correctly. They lost precious minutes in the booster. In the overall standings the Locomotive occupied the whole place 5 - 137'41"4/5. Tudor Hurbean, Gheorghe Stroescu Ion Baltes, Nicolaie Lorincz and Mircea Negulescu.
In September 1953 the team Locomotive, consisting of Mircea Negulescu and Tudor Hurbean, journey, three routes in the same day: Three Overhangs (1h 40’), the Forks (35’) and overhanging climbing High (1h 45’).
-To go along the ridge of the Fagaras from Artichoke to Plaiul Foii with the team of the Association of Locomotive, which he left on march 24, 1955, with in component on Mircea Negulescu, Nicolae Dobre, Constantin Radu, Florian Tudor and Gheorghe Alexandru.

Information source
Radu Titeica, Niculae Baticu - Pe crestele Carpatilor, Editura Sport Turism, 1984

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