Today we celebrate 1 year since A 7-a zi de şomaj (Faleza) first ascent

Mircea Săndulescu

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Profile Mircea Săndulescu - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

   Born: 25.11.1943, Bucharest

Born in Bucharest on 25 November 1943, he attended the high School Nicolae Balcescu. In high school she practiced tennis and rugby. He went to the mountain when he was a boy, accompanied by his grandfather, who spent summers at Sinaia or the Key. Thus, he climbed to the Top with Longing and on the Bucegi plateau, or on the trails of Ciucas mountains. In 1962 he enrolled at the Institute of Construction and opted for the rock climbing Club Science, where you had the ruler Alexandru Filip, and instructors George Peteu, Igor Popovici, Petre Suciu, the Baby Condor. As a rookie, has covered the valleys of the Bucegi mountains, both in summer and winter, succeeding in this way a knowledge of the massif and a workout thoroughly. Participated in the Alpiniadele organized fora ruling and later at the republican Championships of climbing.
Over the years, Mircea Sandulescu has achieved a number of firsts alpine, both in summer and winter.
Premiere of winter, in the Bucegi mountains:
1966 — the track Slabs (Nicholas Tatulescu, Mircea Sandulescu);
December 30, 1973 — the Crack Blue (Peter Santo, Mircea Sandulescu).
Ascents abroad, Poland:
1971 — September 3, route Uznansky, in the south wall Zabi-Priest, grade V and route Uchmansky, in Kopanad-Vrotami, grade V (Mircea Sandulescu, Nicolae Tatulescu);
4 September — the route Uztupsky, from the western wall Zabi-Priest, grade V (Mircea Sandulescu, Kostek (climber the Polish), the head changed);
September 5 — the route Orlovsky, from the wall of the north-western Priest, grade V (Mircea Sandulescu, Kostek, head changed).
The caucasus:
1979 — Elbrus, Little Vuleia, Little Sciurovski (Mircea Sandulescu Liliana Becea, Teodor Tomov, Victor Sofronie, George Ionescu).
Mircea Sandulescu has had an organizational activity in the framework of the subcommittee of the climbing of the municipality of Bucharest, dealing with the propaganda and participating in the preparation of the newsletter, edited by this committee.

Information source
Pe crestele Carpaţilor - Niculae Baticu, Radu Țițeica, 1984
- Articol AlpinInfo

First ascents/Bolted routes

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Satârul With picture Coordinates6a+10 m0     Sport climbingSantinela Cheii
2.Halebarda With picture Coordinates6a15 m0     Sport climbingSantinela Cheii
3.Hornul de Sus With picture Coordinates4c/4c+15 m0     Sport climbingSantinela Cheii
4.Baltagul With picture Coordinates5a14 m0     Sport climbingSantinela Cheii
5.Surplombele Livezii cu Mesteceni 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates5B, 6b+/6c (5c, A0)6 pitches5     Classic routeClaia Strâmbă
6.Hornul Părului Sălbatic (Hornul Năruit) Unidentified route Coordinates0     Classic routeClaia Strâmbă
7.Scara de Piatră (Brâna în Trepte) With description With picture Coordinates2B, 4b/4b+2 pitches2     Classic routeClaia Strâmbă
8.Hornul Surpat With description With topo With comments Coordinates4B, 6a (5b, A0)4 pitches0     Classic routeClaia Strâmbă
9.(cu) Ou With picture Coordinates5a11 m0     Sport climbingClaia Strâmbă
10.Lapte Praf With picture Coordinates5b10 m0     Sport climbingClaia Strâmbă
11.(cu) Fosfarin With picture Coordinates4b/4b+9 m0     Sport climbingClaia Strâmbă
12.Turnul Mirajului 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo Coordinates5A, 6a (5a, A1)9 pitches0     Classic routeStogşoare
13.Traseul Doi Brazi With description With picture Coordinates4B, (5c, A1)8 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Pleşei
14.Creasta Frumoasă With picture Coordinates1A6 pitches0     Alpine routePeretele Pleşei
15.Creasta cu Arini With picture Coordinates1B4 pitches0     Alpine routeZona A - Peretele Peşterii
16.Creasta Peșterii With description With picture Coordinates (B)300 m0     Via FerrataZona A - Peretele Peşterii
17.Ana With picture Coordinates5c12 m0     Sport climbingZona La Ieşire
18.Hornul lui Alexandru Coordinates3B, 4c/4c+3 pitches0     Classic routeZona E - Peretele Radului
19.Diedrul Salamandrelor Coordinates4A, 6a (5a, A0)4 pitches0     Classic routeZona E - Peretele Radului
20.Creasta Străjerului With topo With picture Coordinates2B, 5c3 pitches0     Classic routeŢancul izolat
21.Creasta Vulpii With picture Coordinates1A6 pitches0     Alpine routeŢancul izolat

Routes repaired

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Creasta cu Pini With description With topo Coordinates4A, 5b (5a, A0)8 pitches0     Classic routeStogşoare
2.Turnul Mirajului 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo Coordinates5A, 6a (5a, A1)9 pitches0     Classic routeStogşoare

First winter ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Fisura Albastră varianta Cristea 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates English translation6A, 6a+ (6a/6a+, A0)12 pitches4,666666     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe
2.Lespezi With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates5A, 6a (4c+, A0)10 pitches3     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe

Alpine route
Alpine route
Alpine route
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