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Profile Leova Stolear - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

   Born: 21.01.1912, Bender, Tiraspol, Republic Of Moldova
Deceased: 16.11.2001, Denmark

In the winter of the same year, 1929, during the school holidays, the group, consisting of Mary Smith, Leova, Stolear, Theodore Lascarov Moldoveanu, Victor Pfeiller, Nicholas Gaman and a new Gherassy, under the leadership of professor n. John, an old mountaineer, a member of the Turing-Club Romania, of the Association of the Hikers of the Romanian, and later (1934) is the president of the Association of tourist Romania, the Picturesque, and the time spent in Sinaia, where he was making the trips. So did the students in the mountains, under the guidance of the teacher, who knew how to instill a love of nature, and that they have set up a group with the name of the Group, Alpine, Brave.
Alexander's Rugged to the left of the C. A. R., he signed up for "Brave," and, together with the Leova rayon Stolear, of which he was a member of the C. A. R. e.
The first rope of climbing that was being taken out of Leova's Stolear, a student in Grenoble in 1935. The tracks we made (in 1935), were as follows: (...) the 6th of august — completing the crest of the (Nadir Dumitriu, Petre Balaceanu, Leova, Stolear); august 11 — the crest of the Valley, White with the departure of The Greens" by the Girdle of air (Nicholas Comanesou. Leova Stolear); (...) of 8 October — the Corner, Marigolds ' — the north face (Alexander, Rugged, Leova, Stolear);
The top of Mont Blanc, they went up, and the other people up to the second world war, some of which include: (...) the pharmacist Mircea Sterescu, and the doctor, Leova, Stolear (in 1938 -the picture that i paint them on, Mont Blanc has been displayed on the wall in the dining room of the lodge Has at the time, but there was a cabana boy Nicholas Sbîrcea). All of them were members of the Romanian Alpine Club and, as far as we know, they went on vacation.

In 1939, he argued in the Paris Faculty of Medicine, the phd thesis Contribution a l'etude de la maladie de Koenig of la tête fémorale; ostéochondrite disséquante of la hanche.

1. Alexander's Rugged, Leova, Stolear The Corner Galbinele the north face, the Bulletin of the Alpine magazine I ADMIRE, year III, nr. 3-4, sept-dec 1935, pg.27 and 28;
2. Leova Stolear around The world. Ascents in the Alps, The Alpine magazine I ADMIRE, year III, no. 3-4, sept-dec 1935, pg. 32 to 36.

Information source
Radu Titeica, Niculae Baticu - Pe crestele Carpatilor, Editura Sport Turism, 1984
Foto - Album Sorin Tulea

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