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László Karácsonyi

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Profile László Karácsonyi - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

   Born: 21.01.1933, Brasov

László Karácsonyi was born in Brasov on the day of January 21, 1933. Like many other children in brasov, he started small to roam the hills and then the mountains around Brasov. After 1948, when the conditions for the practice of tourism and alpinism has changed, he enrolled in the association of Spartak and made so many trips and escalade. In 1953, he participated in the first championship of ca?aratura. In 1954, pleasuring and military service, was legitimized for the climbing of the association C. C. A. (transformed into the House of the Officers Brasov - C. O. B. and the Sports Association Army - A. S. A. Brasov), where he stayed until 1965, when, for a brief period, she identified herself to the climbing club Dinamo Brasov.
László Karácsonyi has undertaken numerous ascents of training and retraining of maestriei sports. So, we find him in September 1953, leading a group on the trail the Forks in the wall of the Marigolds. He participated in all the competitions, championships and alpiniadele what was held in that period, winning numerous championship titles and has performed along with other members of the club numerous awards alpine in the manner of the head string, the head changed or the assistant.
Has also taken, and the ascents of the winter:
20 February — 26 march 1955 — covering the ridge of the Southern Carpathians (Aurel Irimia, László Karácsonyi, Emilian Cristea);
1956 — the crossing of the Rodnei Mountains (Aurel Irimia, László Karácsonyi);
1957 — the route Sentry Cerbului (Aurel Irimia, Matthew Schenn, Ladislaus Karacsony, Emilian Cristea).
Climbing abroad — Bulgaria:
1963 — the route of the Black Wall, grade VI B (Dumitru Chivu, László Karácsonyi).
For rich's activity, László Karácsonyi received in 1964 the title of master of sports in mountaineering.

Information source
Pe crestele Carpaţilor - Niculae Baticu, Radu Țițeica, 1984

First ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Faţa sud-vestică a peretelui Urlătorii Mari (Facing South West Large wall Urlatorii) With description With picture5B9 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Urlătorii Mari
2.Hornul Agăţat (The Chimney Of A Hanging) With description With picture5B8 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Urlătorii Mari
3.Hornul Mare de la Izvor (The chimney of the Big Spring) With description With picture4B6 pitches0     Classic routePeretele sudic al Clăii Mari
4.23 August (August 23,) Route impracticable/destroyed With description With topo With picture6B9 pitches0     Classic routePeretele sudic al Clăii Mari
5.Genţiana (Gentian) With description With picture5B10 pitches0     Classic routePeretele sudic al Clăii Mari
6.25 Octombrie (October 25,) With description With picture5B11 pitches0     Classic routePeretele sudic al Clăii Mari
7.Muchia Sudică (The Edge Of The Southern) With description With picture5A6 pitches0     Classic routePeretele sudic al Clăii Mari
8.Floarea de Colţi (The flower from the Fang) With description With picture5B7 pitches0     Classic routePeretele sudic al Clăii Mari
9.Traseul 1 (Route 1) With description With picture4A3 pitches0     Classic routePeretele cu Florile
10.Traseul 2 (The 2) With description With picture4B3 pitches0     Classic routePeretele cu Florile
11.Traseul 4 (The route of the 4) With description With picture4B3 pitches0     Classic routePeretele cu Florile
12.Traseul 5 (The trail is 5) With description With picture5A5 pitches0     Classic routePeretele cu Florile
13.Muchia Înaltă (The Edge Of The High) With description With picture5A4 pitches0     Classic routePeretele cu Florile
14.Muchia Pintenului Văii Albe (The Leading Edge Of The Spur To The Valley Of The White) With description With topo With picture4A6 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe
15.Lespezi (Stone) With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates5A, 6+ (5/5+, A0)10 pitches3     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe
16.Traversarea Peretelui (The Crossing Of The Wall Of The) Unidentified route With description5B0     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe
17.Hornul din Blidul de sub Streaşină (The chimney of the Bowl out from under the Eaves) With description With picture4A5 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Brânei
18.Muchia din Santinela Blidului Uriaşilor (The leading edge of the Sentry's Dish of the Giants) With description With topo With picture4B5 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Brânei
19.Traseul Viespilor din Găvanul Mic (The route of the Wasps in the Găvanul Small) With description With picture5A4 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Brânei
20.Traseul Moş Gelepeanu (The Route Of The Santa It Follows A Steep Ascent) With description With topo With picture3B3 pitches2     Classic routePeretele Brânei
21.Colţul Moşului (The Upper Santa) With description With topo With picture4A4 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
22.Faţa cu Ferestre (The front Windows) With description4A6 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Mălăieşti
23.Muchia Estică (Matei Schenn) (Edge Is The East (Matthew Schenn)) With description With topo With picture4A, 6+ (5+, A0)2 pitches0     Classic routeTurnuleţul
24.Traseul Victor Măciucă (The Route Of The Victor's Club) With description5A5 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete
25.Colţul dintre Hornuri (The corner of the Chimney)4B3 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
26.Muchia Suspendată (The Edge Of The Suspended)4A3 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
27.25 Octombrie (October 25,) 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With video3B7 pitches5     Classic routeBucura II - Peretele Nord-Estic
28.Tăul Agăţat (Well Hung) With description2B5 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Porţii (Vârful Judele II - Mic)
29.Faţa Vestică a Vârfului Judele (The face of the Western Tip of the County) Unidentified route2A5 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Porţii (Vârful Judele II - Mic)
30.Faţa Nord-Vestică a Vârfului Judele II (The face of the North-Western Tip of the County-II) Unidentified route3A4 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Porţii (Vârful Judele II - Mic)
31.Creasta Vestică (The Crest Of The Western) Unidentified route3A5 pitches0     Classic routeVârful Judele (Mare)
32.Piciorul Judelui Mare (Faţa dinspre Turnul Porţii) (The leg of Reign of the Sea (facing away from the Tower Gate)) Unidentified route4A4 pitches0     Classic routeVârful Judele (Mare)
33.Umărul Padinei Popii (The Shoulder Of The Padinei The Dust)Access Natural Park Piatra Craiului With description With topo With picture5A, 7/7+ (6+, A0)4 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Mare al Dianei
34.Peretele Scoruş (The Wall Of The Mountain Ash)4A, 9- (4+, A1)3 pitches0     Classic routeZona Scoruş
35.Traseul Vânătorilor de Munte (The trail of the Hunters to the Mountains) With description With topo With picture With video4B, 7+ (6, A0)6 pitches4     Classic routePiatra Altarului
36.Fisura Strungii cu Mesteacăn (Crack Strungii and Birch) With description With topo5B, (A2/A3)8 pitches3     Classic routePeretele Nordic
37.Pintenul lui Cătălin (This is his Last) 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture With video5B, 8-/8 (6, A2)8 pitches5     Classic routePeretele Nordic
38.Traseul Pintenilor (The Route Of The Spurs) With description With topo6A, (A2)12 pitches2     Classic routePeretele Pintenilor
39.Diedrul Cuiburilor de Şoimi (The two-flat of the Nests of the saker Falcon) With topo With video4B, 7/7+ (A1)4 pitches3     Classic routeSuhardul Mic
40.Traseul Spintecăturii (The Route Of The Spintecăturii) With topo4A, 6+ (A1)3 pitches2     Classic routeSuhardul Mic
41.Pintenul Suhardului (This Suhard) With topo4A, 7-/7 (A1/A2)3 pitches2     Classic routeSuhardul Mic
42.Creasta Ienuperilor (The Crest Of The Ienuperilor)3B5 pitches1     Classic routeSuhardul Mic
43.Traseul Comorilor (The Trail To Treasure) With topo With comments5A6 pitches0     Classic routeBegul Mare

First winter ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Traseul Cerbului (The Trail Of The Deer)5B0     Classic routeColţul Prăpădit

Classic route
Classic route



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