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In 1953 he participated in the first championship of the climbing team, "against the time" of the R. P. R. which took place on the Tower Seciului at the entrance to the Trail for three days. The team of the Association of the Manufacturer of who made the part along with Gheorghe Anghelescu, Constantin Frasinel, Dumitru Alexe and Octav Bratila got 9th place (188'12"2/5) in the overall standings.
The year 1954, the second rock climbing competition, has been quite rich in climbing training, although they published quite a few data. 23 may 1954 - the Chimney in the wall of the Costilei has been climbed by the team Metal, led by Ion Chiciorea; June 13, 1954 at the Metal Ion Chiciorea - ridge Policandrului; September 5, 1954 - the Metal (Ion Chiciorea) - Cracks in the Central.
In 1956, between the 3 teams that have come in the months of February-march the Southern Carpathians was also the C. C. S., of which he was a part with Tudor Florian, Ion Mihai, Gheorghe Atanasiu, Gheorghe Cristea and Florin Stan.
In the fall of 1957 he made up with Dumitru Alexe one of the two teams from the association of the Metal which has climbed version Crack Blue.
The championship of the capital city. The commission of the climbing on the next Committee city of physical culture and sports of the city of Bucharest has organized alpiniada of summer - 1957, attended by 40 climbers from several partners: Progress, Flamura Rosie, Science, etc. the Climbers from the association of Energy — Walter Kargel, Stefan Focse, Remus Stoicovici, Gheorghe Udrea, Ion Chiciorea and Ladislau Biro climbed the route Crack Twisted.
Series climbing training and for the fulfillment of the necessary rules to the classification continued, and in 1958. Two teams have come, the winter, the ridge of the Carpathians: the Metal-Bucharest (Ion Chiciorea, Ladislau Biro, Alexander Statescu and Stefan Focse) and I. T. B. Route Eftimie Croitoru, the Metal (Ion Chiciorea and Ladislau Biro).
On July 16, 1961, held stage II of the alpiniadei summer in Piatra Craiului mountains. It seems like only this he collected at the start 80 of the teams with about 200 climbers, including those from the Metal 23 August trained by Ion Chiciorea.
Between 21 and 23 august 1961 in traditional alpiniada in the Bucegi, Piatra Craiului and Cheile Bicazului, organized by the Federation of Romanian ski, bob and rock climbing (F. R. S. B. A.), attended by 15 teams of climbers from various clubs and associations. In the Bicaz Gorge: route the Crack Art was climbed by Alexander Statescu and Ion Chiciorea (Metal) in six hours.
1962 To alpiniada republican summer in the Mountains there were presented 55 teams from 20 departments and have escalated 29 trails. On this occasion, it has been highlighted, among others, and the Metal Bucharest (coach Ion Chiciorea), who presented 6 teams.
In 1964, he climbed the Ridge Costila-Calendula with Halina Lascar and Nicolae Moldoveanu.

Information source
- Radu Titeica, Niculae Baticu - Pe crestele Carpatilor, Editura Sport Turism, 1984

First ascents/Bolted routes

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Faţa nord-estică a Blidului Uriaşilor With description With picture Coordinates4B4 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Brânei
2.Cocostârcul Albastru With description With topo With picture Coordinates4A, 6a+5 pitches0     Classic routeColţul Gălbenelelor
3.Traseul Alveolelor4B3 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Martin (Al Rândunelelor)
4.Traseul Rândunelelor4B3 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Martin (Al Rândunelelor)
5.Traseul 7 Noiembrie With description With topo4A, 6b+ (A1)3 pitches3     Classic routePeretele Bardosului
6.Fisura Grotelor With topo4A, (A1)4 pitches2     Classic routeTurnul Negru



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