On 29.05.1956 Andrei Vârlan was born.

George Stroie (Bivuacu)

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Profile George Stroie (Bivuacu) - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

   Born: 15.10.1974, Bucharest, romania

Information source
Interviu eCLIMB
- Interviu ALPINInfo iulie 1999 (Alpinet)
Poză 1 - https://ro.linkedin.com/in/george-stroie-1985aa30
Poză 2 - http://herculaneclimbing.ro/hco-2003/

First ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Bator şi Fefeleaga With description With picture Coordinates4A, 6-6 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe
2.Eneida Route impracticable/destroyed With description With topo With picture Coordinates5B, 7+/8- (7-, A0)6 pitches3     Classic routePeretele Policandrului (Vulturilor)
3.Noua Dictatură With description With topo Coordinates5A, 7+ (6-/7, A0)3 pitches0     Classic routeŢancul Mic
4.Iliada With description With topo With picture CoordinatesM64 pitches0     MixtŢancul Mic
5.Odiseea Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinates8-60 m0     Sport climbingŢancul Ascuţit
6.Musca Coordinates?25 m0     Dry ToolingCheile Râşnovului
7.Ţânţarul Coordinates?24 m0     Dry ToolingCheile Râşnovului
8.Lăcusta Coordinates?22 m0     Dry ToolingCheile Râşnovului
9.Doamna Naşa With topo Coordinates6-22 m0     Sport climbingLa Nări (Out)

Routes repaired

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Fisura Albastră varianta Cristea 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates English translation6A, 7- (6+/7-, A0)12 pitches4,5     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe
2.Fisura Policandrului Fantastic With description With topo With picture With comments Coordinates English translation5B, 7+/8- (6, A1)7 pitches5     Classic routePeretele Policandrului (Vulturilor)
3.Noua Dictatură With description With topo Coordinates5A, 7+ (6-/7, A0)3 pitches0     Classic routeŢancul Mic

First winter solo ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Fisura Mult Dorită 5 star route With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates English translation6A, 8- (6+/7-, A1)9 pitches4     Classic routePeretele Policandrului (Vulturilor)
2.Suzana 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinates English translation5B, 7+/8- (7-, A0)4 pitches5     Classic routeŢancul Mic
3.Surplombele de Aur 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo Coordinates6A, (5, A2+)7 pitches4     Classic routeCheile Râşnovului

Second ascents (First repeats)

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Exordium Ex Abrupto Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinates6A4 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Policandrului (Vulturilor)
2.Scăpărici With topo With comments Coordinates7A, 8+/9- (7+, A0)9 pitches2     Classic routePeretele Coştilei
3.Alternativa Întunecată With topo With picture Coordinates?, ? (9-, A2)4 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Animalelor (Itvig)

Sport climbing
Sport climbing



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Video - Silvia Murgescu - 12.02.2012

Last repaired routes by George Stroie (Bivuacu) climbed

Fisura Albastră varianta Cristea 6A, 7- (6+/7-, A0)

A historical route. The first attempt to climb the most famous climbing route from Romania - the Direct Route - an imposing crack which can be seen from Bușteni, which is only half climbed, until the Second Bivouac.
    Cornel Sain, Marius Birze - 19.10.2019

Fisura Policandrului 5B, 7+/8- (6, A1)

Follows a natural line, mainly on cracks, having a small roof on the middle of the route. Unfortunately the fixed protection is old and not always trustworthy.
    Constantinescu Anita - 11.11.2018