Today we celebrate 88 years since Traseul Comănescu (Muchia Nordică) (Turnul Seciului) first ascent, 59 years since Santinela Padinei Popii (Padina Popii) first ascent

Florin Stan

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Profile Florin Stan - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

   Born: 19.03.1934, Vermont

In the month of august, 1952, he worked at a tent in the Mountains of the District, a summer camp for alpine and cross-training, an instructor of the "Mircea" Craciunescu. On this occasion, some of our instructors have achieved a number of awards, with the groups themselves: (...) trainer, Constantin Radu, The north-western part of the north wall of the Ucii-Large (king Louis Lucu?a, Barry, Stan, Horvath a. t.).
In the month of September, a new school of climbing summer and opened its doors to the Ialomita Cave, with two of the series. The Director was i. Tache, and one of the instructors there was also the Florin Stan.
* * *
In 1953, he was held in the cottage at the lake, Bîlea one of the mountaineering school for the winter, organized by the department of tourism of the C. G. M. was attended by 38 young people-graduates of the schools for the summer. The lead Instructor was a Description of Moses are, however, Aurel Irimia, Silvian Schiller, Nicholas Dobre, Gheorghe, Udrea, Constantin Afterwards. Although, the organization doesn't quite live up to the school the previous, and the high-value elements including Barry and Stan.
* * *
In the first championship game of the mountain climbing team, "race against time" and of the people's Republic of romania, which took place on the Seciului for three days in august, 1953, it occupied the 7th place in the overall standings, with the team the Pennant of the Red part next to the Ion Boitoru, Michael Paican Three years Bratya, and George Andreica.
* * *
1955 (..) was going through the ridge of the massif of Fagaras of the Pig at the Area of the Sheet. It was attended by a number of ten teams, with the departure of the following information: (...) on Monday the 21st of march, they had started climbing association of the Yukon-Red: John Boitoru, Dan and Stan, and P. Holitzer.
* * *
It has been held, and a domestic championship of the association. Winter cup, the first stage of the male was held in Piatra Craiului national park between the 16th-the 22nd of February, 1956, that over the course of 50 miles. The result was as follows: 1. Yukon-Red (Florin Stan, John Boitoru, P., Radulescu, Joseph and Schneider).
* * *
The Southern carpathians have been taken in the months of February and march of 1957, the three teams, ( ... ), a team of the C. C. S. (Tudor Florian, Ion, Mihai, Gheorghe, Atanasiu, Ion Chiciorea Gheorghe Cristea, Florin Stan). Crack the Blue wall of the Valley of the White Mountains, has seen a large influx in the autumn of 1957, he is visited by three crews: (...) Pennant-Red (Description Radulescu and Florin Stan).
* * *
At the halfway point of the championship, the republican in 1957, and the men, the results were: 1. the Town Red (Description Radulescu and Florin Stan); 2 Will; 3 cc, And 4 of the Dynamo.
* * *
The championship of the capital city. The commission is of the climbing to be on the Committee, the city of physical culture and sports of the city of Bucharest has organized a alpiniada from the summer of 1957, which was attended by 40 mountaineers from the group: (...) Town Red, come on, Stan, and the Description Language, (...)
* * *
The 1958 Rise. The series of climbing training, and for the fulfilment of the rules on the classification of the faculty in 1958. In many of them, to mention a few. (...) The route of the Crack is Forked it has been climbed by a team of I. T. B. (Barry, Stan, John Baltes, Ion-Mihai).
* * *
Premiere: 1958, he brought a mountain of new openings in the massifs: (...) the Keys of Bicaz gorge: September (...) the route of the Crack is Diagonal from the Others (Ion-Mihai, Florin Stan).
* * *
Competitions, the championship and the alpiniade. With the establishment of the U. C. F. S., the establishment of federations and the centre for Tourism, Popular, rock climbing is not included in the Calendar of the debut of the new, for example, (U. C. f. s.), competition, alpine, and will be organised by the new association in the process of being set. The first stage of the competitions took place in the month of September, 1958, in the Bucegi mountains, on the trails In the Proof, the Slabs and the Crack is Arrested. They were made by the 560-point units, ( ... ) by 555 points — the Red Experience (Hono Breit), and the Progress (John Baltes, Dan and Stan).
* * *
In February of 1959, was held in the Retezat mountains, the second stage of the winter, the alpiniadei. He showed up at the start, only seven of the bands (first round, but Will it, I. T., B. C. A., the Tor-pedo, the Metal and the Caraimanul-Logs) from which only the top three finished the race. The dynamo, with the most beautiful attitude, she took the first place with 1583 points, ( ... ), and on the 3rd of the I. T. B. to 390 points (Ion-Mihai, Florin Stan, and joseph Baltes).

Information source
Pe crestele Carpaţilor - Niculae Baticu, Radu Ţiteica, Editura Sport-Turism, Bucureşti, 1984
Poză: Fb Florin Stan -

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