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   Deceased: One thousand nine hundred eighty five

In 1924, Erwin Csallner and Andreas Streitfert have completed the Session Attributes.
February 20, 1927 — The Mountains High (Carl Lehmann, and Erwin Csallner).
The rise, for the first time, the Barn Bardosului of the Bicaz Gorges. On September 1, 1934, at the team of brasov by Erwin Csallner and Waldemar Goldschmidt, the former being the head of the rope, they climbed the Stone of the Altar, of the Keys of Bicaz, in the face of eastern europe.
February 27, 1935 — Buc?oiul (Carl Lehmann, and Erwin Csallner).

The largest school of mountain climbing, however, you have to give it a bigger foothold will be found in the Romanian and ca?araturii, it was a school of rock climbing for the summer, the cabana Curmatura in Piatra Craiului national park, organized by the department of tourism of the C. G. M., during The period from 1 July to 1 October 1950, the school, and, respectively, the students have enjoyed the broad support of the organizers. Through the school, there have been four sets of each of 32 students, of each series at rates up to 15 days. As an exercise, students had a whole mountain of "piatra Craiului". The recruitment of participants was carried out by the trade unions, in the ranks of the workers ' youth. The instructors were: Mircea Gheorghiu, Constantin Georgescu, Nicholas Petit, Erwin Csallner, Peter Layer, Mircea, Bogdan, and others. (...) The students of batch-III, under the direction of their instructor, Erwin Csallner, they have cleared up the issue of Death to Hell, from the wall to the west of the Rock Mountains. (...) By Erwin Csallner, he knew something of the place where it is "Dead" by Carl Lehman, and, in addition, according to an old map austria, he identified the "Kli?ca ?pirlei" as the ridge that separates the Valley of the ?pirlei of the Valley of the Tama?ului, just below the wall, where the road begins Deubel ("Chains"). (...)
* * *
In march of 1951, he led a team in the Valley, a Deep, ( ... ), has ushered in a new asceniuni, known as “the star”, which consist in going through the valleys that lead up to the Top of the Man.
* * *
I've talked to (...) to the climbing school at the chalet Curmatura hut. The results of this first school of the C. G. M. it is remarkable, the heads of the department of turismalpinism, they decided in 1951 to continue with this great action.... So, on April 8, 1951, he founded the first school for mountain climbers, winter, organized by the C. G. M. M. the training was held in the beautiful valleys of the lake Bîlea in the District. The students, 36 in number, of which 4 are girls, and they were recruited from among those who were registered at the school of rock-climbing in summer. The Director was Demetrius George, and one of the instructors, there can be mentioned the George Group, Simon Culica, Ilie, Munteanu, Garabet Ingian, Erwin Csallner, Which Craciunescu, Vladi Pîslaru, Virgil, Phd.
* * *
In the first championship game of the mountain climbing team, "race against time" and of the people's Republic of romania, which took place on the Seciului for three days in September of 1953, he occupied the 2nd place in the overall standings, with the team's Progress, which has been a part with the Ion-Mihai Petre Bogoiu, Show, Severin, Mircea Vladoianu.
* * *
The year of 1954, the second rock climbing competition, it was rich enough in the climb of the workout, though I have published quite a few of the dates. The main activities can be listed: (...) the 13th of June, three teams from the association of the Progress of the run by Erwin Csallner, Which are Known, and that Alexander George, you've come to the trails - Ro?cule?, and the Marigold;
* * *
Scrolling through the winter of the Southern Carpathians and the Mountains of the Fagaras mountains. 1955 and ( ... ) In the same period of time, he held the covering of the ridge of the massif of Fagaras of the Pig at the Area of the Sheet. It was attended by a number of ten teams, with the departure of the following information: (...) the Association of the Progress on the 25th of march, with the two teams: Erwin Csallner, Peter Bogoiu, John Michael (...)

In the month of June 1956 took place in the forest, Branesti, near Bucharest, a conference on the country's Central Committee for rock Climbing. (...) Then we chose a new central committee of the rope. The office of the commission was made up of Constantine Messinger, its president, mr. Constantin Dumitrescu, cristian Emilian Cristea, Emil Fomino, Mircea Bogdan, Aurel Irimia Nicolae Dobre, The Goilavu, Erwin Csallner.

For the championship, from 1956, kept in the wall of the Suhard from the Bicaz Gorges, the team of Emile Fomino, Erwin Csallner and Andrew and Simon he made the four tracks on the first Gentian-grade. IV-B, The Direct, level IV, Muchia Nice and Crack Nice.

Information source
- Radu Țiteica, Niculae Baticu - Pe crestele Carpaților, Editura Sport Turism, 1984
- Mircea Ordean, Sus la munte la izvor

First ascents/Bolted routes

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Hornul din Blidul Uriaşilor (Traseul Progresul) With description With picture Coordinates3B5 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Brânei
2.Progresul With topo3A0     Classic routeColţul Strungii
3.Traseul Clasic With topo With picture Coordinates4A, (A1)3 pitches2     Classic routePiatra Altarului
4.Creasta Frumoasă3B3 pitches1     Classic routeSuhardul Mic
5.Fisura Centrală With topo4A, 6a+ (A1)3 pitches4     Classic routeSuhardul Mic
6.Traseul Genţianei With topo4B, 6a+ (A1/A2)3 pitches4     Classic routeSuhardul Mic



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