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Cornel Alexandru

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Profile Cornel Alexandru - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

   Born: 14.03.1950, Galati

He was assistant to the County Service of Forensic Medicine Wisconsin for 40 years.
He laid the foundations for a section of climbing in the framework of the Sports Association "Health" of Deva. At the age of 28 years he was coach of rock climbing. In 1991 he quit climbing.
It has been more than a decade, until march 2016, custodian of the Natura 2000 site Magurile Bath, subsequently dealing a volunteer of this reservation.

Information source
- Portret 2009 
Interviu 2017
- foto http://www.acasenii.ro/2011/05/17/rezervatia-magurile-baitei/

First ascents/Bolted routes

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Pintenul Vânătariei With picture Coordinates4B, 6a+2 pitches0     Classic routeVânătaria
2.Diedrul cu pom With picture With video Coordinates3B, 5a2 pitches5     Classic routeVânătaria
3.Sănătatea With picture Coordinates4B, 6a4 pitches4     Classic routeVânătaria
4.Clepsidra With picture Coordinates5A, 6b4 pitches0     Classic routeVânătaria
5.Central With picture Coordinates5B4 pitches0     Classic routeVânătaria
6.Vânătaria With picture Coordinates5B5 pitches0     Classic routeVânătaria
7.Hornului Coordinates4A5 pitches0     Classic routeVânătaria
8.Fisura Însorită With picture Coordinates4A5 pitches0     Classic routeVânătaria
9.Cele 4 brâne (Brânelor) With picture Coordinates3B, 5a5 pitches3     Classic routeVânătaria
10.Conului Coordinates2B2 pitches0     Classic routeVânătaria
11.Perla With picture Coordinates3B, 6b2 pitches0     Classic routeVânătaria
12.Militari Coordinates5a1 pitches0     Sport climbingSturu - B
13.Turnul 2 Coordinates6a2 pitches0     Sport climbingCetatea Deva

Classic route
Sport climbing
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Sport climbing
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route



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