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First ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Tremalzzo (Tremalzzo)8-30 m0     Sport climbingPintenul Vulcanului
2.Memorial Adrian Chifa (A Memorial For Adrian Peter) 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture7+4 pitches5     Classic routeColțul Vilii
3.Tu şi Terry (You and Terry.)72 pitches0     Sport climbingColţul Cetăţii - Sector D - Poligonul Vechi
4.Ugly (This) With picture615 m0     Sport climbingColţul Cetăţii - Sector B (Creasta Caprelor)
5.Red Hot (The Red Hot Chili)8+29 m0     Sport climbingPoligonul Turnul Galben
6.Chili Pampers (Chili Pampers)8+/9-29 m0     Sport climbingPoligonul Turnul Galben
7.Hilti (Hilti)?2 pitches0     Sport climbingPoligonul Turnul Galben
8.Adiere (The breeze) With picture7-26 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Pripoanelor
9.Vânt (The wind) With picture8-/819 m0     Sport climbingPeretele Pripoanelor
10.Vaja con Dios (Memorial Cristi Sândean) (Vaja con Dios - (Memorial to Christ Sândean)) Fantastic With description84 pitches3,5     Sport climbingPeretele Uriaş
11.Premiera '85 (The premiere of '85)?, ?2 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Uriaş
12.AC (CA)6+13 m0     Sport climbingTurnul Despărţitor
13.Fulger (Flash)812 m0     Sport climbingTurnul Despărţitor
14.DC (DC)7+17 m0     Sport climbingTurnul Despărţitor
15.Long way... (The Long way...)916 m0     Sport climbingTurnul Despărţitor
16....to the top (...to the top)8-16 m0     Sport climbingTurnul Despărţitor
17.Pink Witch (The Pink Witch!)7+15 m0     Sport climbingTurnul Despărţitor
18.Krizza (Krizza)727 m0     Sport climbingZona Fisuri
19.Traseu (Get directions)8+22 m0     Sport climbingCetăţeaua Mare (Colţul Cetăţii)
20.Furnir (Wood veneer) With picture614 m0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
21.OSB (OSB) With picture6+14 m0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
22.Muşchi şi Forţă (Muscle and Strength) With picture836 m0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
23.Minciună (A lie) With picture7+10 m0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
24.Gemenii I (The Twins) With picture57 m0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
25.Gemenii II (Gemini II) With picture57 m0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
26.Fifi, furnica (Fifi, ant)729 m0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
27.Gri, gri (Light grey, dark grey)8-/831 m0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
28.Tam tam (Tam Tam)7-30 m0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
29.La, la, la, Laci (La, La, La a young man)8-/832 m0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
30.Cucu (Dick)8-/834 m0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
31.Cocota de munte (Climb the mountain) With picture3 pitches0     Sport climbingColţul Crăpat
32.Emigrant (An immigrant)7+11 m0     Sport climbingPoliţele lui Bieltz
33.Imi (I) With picture9-23 m0     Sport climbingPoliţele lui Bieltz
34.Şogor (Dump brother) With picture?25 m0     Sport climbingPoliţele lui Bieltz
35.ATA 2002 (The ATA 2002) With description With picture8-13 m0     Sport climbingPoliţele lui Bieltz
36.Mo Gadjo (Mb Gadjo)820 m0     Sport climbingPeştera Ungurească
37.Mo Raia (Mo-Manta)9+/10-22 m0     Sport climbingPeştera Ungurească
38.Cetera (Etc)815 m0     Sport climbingPeştera Ungurească
39.One More (One More)9/9+20 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
40.Up ... to You (Up to You)9/9+20 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
41.Neo (Neo)7+/8-20 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
42.Mamba (Black Mamba)820 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
43.Girls Allowed (The Girls In The System)8-/820 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
44.Ori-ori Ori-ori (Fold-fold-Fold-fold)8-/815 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
45.Timberr! (Timberr!) Fantastic8-/815 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
46.Think Fast (Think Fast)815 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
47.Think Pink (Think Pink)9/9+20 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
48.A Complex (The Resort)8-/810 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
49.Pangeea (Pangaea)9/9+25 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
50.Ics (Ics)820 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
51.Silent Partner (The Silent Partner)10-25 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
52.Tufa King Nothing (Bush's King-Nothing)10-20 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
53.Adicted to... (Adicted to...)10-15 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
54.Green Power (Green Power)9-/915 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
55.Face Off (Face Off)9-15 m0     Sport climbingKm 9
56.Two Bikes... (The Two Bikes...)7/7+35 m0     Sport climbingZona Roman
57.Cip No More (Chip-No More)7+/8-20 m0     Sport climbingZona Roman
58.Thin Ice (The Thin Ice) Fantastic9-/915 m0     Sport climbingZona Roman
59.Heavy Fuel (The Heavy Fuel.) Fantastic820 m0     Sport climbingZona Roman
60.Feet's Crux (Now \ 's the Crux) Fantastic8+20 m0     Sport climbingZona Roman
61.Cross Roads (Cross Roads)7+30 m0     Sport climbingZona Roman
62.Apanpas (Apanpas) With video9/9+25 m0     Sport climbingZona Roman
63.Ich Will (I Will)8+10 m0     Sport climbingZona Roman
64.Let's Go Back (Let's Go Back) With video9+/10-25 m0     Sport climbingZona Roman
65.24 Karate (The 24-Karat)9+/10-25 m0     Sport climbingZona Roman

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