Today we celebrate 64 years since Traversarea Peretelui (Peretele Văii Albe) first ascent, 19 years since Hornul Ursului (Căldarea Hârtopu Ursului) first ascent

Busuioc Păun

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Profile Busuioc Păun - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

   Born: 17.09.1919, In The Commune Of Reviga, Ialomita. East

He was born in the village of Reviga, Ialomita county, on the 17th of September, 1919. He arrived in Bucharest in 1933, where he worked as a typesetter at the newspaper, the Truth, and in the Morning. Looking to change your job, it's all straightened out, two years later, on a freight train to Brasov. Don't get caught without a ticket, the conductor, was kind to him, listening to him pouring out his heart, she sent it to a friend, a shepherd in the Stone, and gave them some papers to deliver to it. He stood at the baci, two weeks to learn how to work in stîna and the surroundings. At the urging of shepherd's purse, she came back to Bucharest, but his stay on the mountain, the Big Rock, and putting him in 1935 at a camp of the workers, poligraf, in the Mountains, from the Otter to the Top, he tied the mountain, so, from now on, he began to go every Sunday, in the Mountains or on the Clabucet. In 1955, the union representing the Plant's Tractor, he sent him to a school for tour guides, mountain climbing, and the judges, where the heads of the Ion-Vladareanu, John Dra?oveanu, Alexander, Floricioiu, and Norbert bold rocks stalls, pointed. In 1961, he became an instructor of rock climbing, and working within the framework of the Creation of the Brasov— up in 1978. As a rock climber, and rock climber, Peacock, Basil has carried out countless someone making multiple awards.
Peacock, Basil has a deep love for the mountain, the real climbing. For fifteen years, when his powers had helped him, he threw himself with a passion, coaching young people in the Creation of Brasov, one of which we can mention the jones Bindu, As Gheoarca, Gheorghe Muresan, I., Dragomir, brothers, Kope, C., Constantinescu, Mircea Opris, Adrian Tanase and others. By participating in the alpiniade, and the championships of republic of ca?aratura, in the winter and in the summer, i have been awarded several diplomas and medals. He has worked at the alpine (County) and is the author of a number of poems on the subject of the mountain.

Information source
Pe crestele Carpaţilor - Niculae Baticu, Radu Țițeica, 1984



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