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Aurel Irimia

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Profile Aurel Irimia - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

   Born: In 1929, Azuga, Prahova County
Deceased: 14.03.1970, next to the Cab. The Stones, Hewn

Born in Augusta (1929), in a family of people who are in need. As a child he learned to ski, and to fall in love, and to love the mountains. After graduating from high school, she hired a technician from the Phone. In the 1950s, the trade union of which he was a part of him, he selected and sent to the school by climbing out of the cabin Curmatura in Piatra Craiului national park, in order to follow the courses offered by the Department of tourism and rock-climbing of the C. g. In the context of the school, but especially in the lectures of April-may 1951, the lake Bîlea Previous Ieremia was marked by the bravery and skill of the climber. In 1951, while doing his military service, he was also performing at the rock climbing to the Central House of the Army. He then activated the staff of the army, as an officer, but it's still on when he was a soldier of the coach station, Akin Said, he took him into the Rift of Blue, in the meantime, he has participated in, or led, and the other climbs for the first time.
In winter:
march 1952 — covering the ridge of the Mountains of the River of the Pig at the Area of the Sheet (Emilian Cristea, Aurel Irimia Constantin P);
February-march, 1955 — covering the crest of the Southern Carpathians (Veron and Irimia, cristian Emilian Cristea, László Karácsonyi);
January 1956 — the crossing of the mountains Rodna, Suhard, Calimani (Veron and Irimia, László Karácsonyi, etc.a).
Kess Irimia has been a part of the F. R. A. T., in the Office of the marshal of the Central Commission for Hiking. He has been a monitor and an instructor in the schools of the rope. Beautiful and creative work he was conferred the title of master of sports in mountain climbing, in 1955, and the title of master Emeritus in 1969. He died on the 14th of march 1970, around the time of the 16th, in the midst of the snow drifts next to the cottage, the Rocks of the Mountains, the Retezat mountains, the verdict of the medical care being a "failure of the heart and of the respiratory, cardiac, high blood pressure,".

Information source
Pe crestele Carpaţilor - Niculae Baticu, Radu Țițeica, 1984
Sursa foto: revista Sport și Tehnică.

First ascents/Bolted routes

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Creasta Centrală With description With topo With picture Coordinates5A8 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Urlătorii Mari
2.Hornul Mare de la Izvor With description With picture Coordinates4B6 pitches0     Classic routePeretele sudic al Clăii Mari
3.23 August Route impracticable/destroyed With description With topo With picture Coordinates6B9 pitches0     Classic routePeretele sudic al Clăii Mari
4.Genţiana With description With picture Coordinates5B10 pitches0     Classic routePeretele sudic al Clăii Mari
5.Traseul 3 With description With topo With picture Coordinates4B3 pitches0     Classic routePeretele cu Florile
6.Traseul 5 With description With topo With picture Coordinates5A5 pitches0     Classic routePeretele cu Florile
7.Muchia Pintenului Văii Albe With description With topo With picture Coordinates4A6 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe
8.Soldat Erou Eftimie Croitoru With description With topo With picture With comments Coordinates5B, 6b+/6c (5c+, A0)10 pitches3     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe
9.Fisura Albastră varianta Cristea 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates English translation6A, 6a+ (6a/6a+, A0)12 pitches4,666666     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe
10.Lespezi With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates5A, 6a (4c+, A0)10 pitches3     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe
11.Traversarea Peretelui Unidentified route With description With picture Coordinates5B0     Classic routePeretele Văii Albe
12.Muchia din Santinela Blidului Uriaşilor With description With topo With picture Coordinates4B5 pitches0     Classic routePeretele Brânei
13.Fisura Suspendată With description With topo With picture With comments Coordinates English translation5A, 6b+/6c (6a, A1)5 pitches4,333333     Classic routePeretele Policandrului (Vulturilor)
14.Fisura Santinelei Văii Verzi With description With topo With picture4B7 pitches0     Classic routeSantinela Văii Verzi
15.Traseul Cerbului With picture4B0     Classic routeSantinela Văii Verzi
16.Colţul Ghinţurii With description With topo With picture4A5 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
17.Fisura Morarului With description With topo With picture5B, (6a, A1)4 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
18.Faţa cu Ferestre With description Coordinates4A6 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Mălăieşti
19.Vâlcelul cu Surplombă Coordinates2B0     Classic routeTurnul Mălăieşti
20.Muchia Vestică (Aurel Irimia) With description With picture With video Coordinates4A2 pitches0     Classic routeTurnuleţul
21.Creasta dintre Valea Urzicii şi Valea Caprelor (Creasta Colţului Crăpat) With picture2B0     Classic routeAlte trasee din zona nordică a Coştilei
22.Fisura din Peretele Sudic al Priponului With description With topo With picture4A4 pitches0     Classic routeAlte trasee din zona nordică a Coştilei
23.Traseul Vânătorilor de Munte4A0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
24.Traseul Lariţei4A0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
25.Muchia Ursului (din Valea Horoabei)3A3pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
26.Fisura Stalactitei4B3 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
27.Muchia Suspendată4A3 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
28.Muchia cu Iederă4A3 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
29.Muchia Cerbului4A2 pitches0     Classic routeTrasee de perete izolate
30.Creasta Nord-Estică Integrală 5 star route Fantastic With description With picture With video Coordinates2B, 4b/4b+9 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Porţii (Vârful Judele II - Mic)
31.Muchia Porţii Bucurei Unidentified route Coordinates2B5 pitches0     Classic routeTurnul Porţii (Vârful Judele II - Mic)
32.Creasta Vestică Unidentified route Coordinates3A5 pitches0     Classic routeVârful Judele (Mare)
33.Traseul din Canionul Judele Unidentified route Coordinates2A3 pitches0     Classic routeVârful Judele (Mare)
34.Custura cu Campanule din faţa Sud-Estică a Judelui Unidentified route Coordinates2A3 pitches0     Classic routeVârful Judele (Mare)
35.Muchia Vârfului Mic Unidentified route Coordinates2A3 pitches0     Classic routeVârful Judele (Mare)
36.Custura Judelui (Creasta Custurilor) Unidentified route Coordinates3A2 - 4 pitches0     Classic routeVârful Judele (Mare)
37.Roland Ghelner With description With topo With comments Coordinates3B4 pitches0     Classic routeVârful Judele (Mare)
38.Umărul de Jos Unidentified route Coordinates2A3 pitches0     Classic routeVârful Judele (Mare)
39.Traseul FrontalAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului With description With topo With video Coordinates4A, (3c/3c+, A1)5 pitches3     Classic routeTurnul Galben al Dianei
40.Traseul Armata 5 star route With topo With picture6B, (A2)10 pitches5     Classic routePeretele Bardosului
41.Fisura Strungii cu Mesteacăn With description With topo5B, (A2/A3)8 pitches3     Classic routePeretele Nordic
42.Traseul 23 August4A0     Classic routePeretele Corăbiei
43.Muchia Suspendată Fantastic With description With picture Coordinates4A, 6a+ (5b, A0)3 pitches5     Classic routeAboland

First winter ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Traseul Cerbului With picture4B0     Classic routeSantinela Văii Verzi

Classic route
Classic route

Fisura Suspendată 5A, 6b+/6c (6a, A1)

The easiest route from Eagles Wall

Classic route
Classic route

Fisura Albastră varianta Cristea 6A, 6a+ (6a/6a+, A0)

A historical route. The first attempt to climb the most famous climbing route from Romania - the Direct Route - an imposing crack which can be seen from Bușteni, which is only half climbed, until the Second Bivouac.

Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route
Classic route



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