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Profile Alexandru Bulgăr - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

   Born: One thousand nine hundred forty one
Deceased: 03.03.2010

Hydrologist, caver, mountain climber.
Member of the Romanian Alpine Club, whose Secretary general was elected at the sitting on 6 may 2006.
Fell on the Pressure of the Cross in the day of 3 march 2010.

Alpiniada university, second edition, and took place (...) in the second Stage, the summer, also took place in Bucegi mountains, on 12 October 1969. Were present: (...) C. U. S.-I. P. G. G. - the Crack Blue (Joseph Ghetie and Alexander Bulgarian);
Ascents and expeditions abroad. Bulgaria: 5-12 august 1969 - route Sprîncenelor, Maliovi?a, grade VI (Joseph Guests, Dan Vasilescu), the route of the VIII-th congress of the P. C. B., grade VI B (Dan Vasilescu, Joseph Guests, Alexander snowballs and), the route Silven, grade VI (Alexander snowballs and, Dan Vasilescu, Joseph Guests), the route of the Army of the people, grade VI (Dan Vasilescu, Joseph Guests, Alexander snowballs and);
Excursions and ascents abroad. In 1970 the climbers romanians have made a number of trips abroad in order to intensify the exchange of experience and improvement maestriei their sports. They moved six groups: two in Bulgaria, 5-12 august 1970, (...) and second team (Alexander snowballs and, Dan Vasilescu and Joseph Guests) travelled routes Academik, grade VI, from the top of the Elenin (2 692 metres), Sprîncenelor, grade VI, from the top of the Zlîe Zîb (2 678 metres), VIII Congress, grade VI, from the Red wall, the TWENTIETH anniversary, grade VI, in the south-eastern wall of the Dvuglavului (2 605 meters) and the route Academik, grade VI, from Those of the Devil.
Ascents abroad. Poland. Through the F. R. T. A., has been scheduled for the year 1971 a displacement of five climbers have C. U. S.-I. P. G. G., in the Polish Tatra, for ten days: Nicolae Dobre, president of the section (leader), Dan Vasilescu (coach), Alexander snowballs and Mircea Sandulescu and Nicholas Tatulescu. In the region of the Monch (the monk) climbers our climbed: September 3 — the Classic route on the wall of the north-west of the Priest, IV degree (Dan Vasilescu, Alexander snowballs and, my head changed); (...) September 4 - the route Zabi-Priest, on the ridge Zabia—Tulip, grade V (Dan Vasilescu, Alexander snowballs and, my head changed); 6 September — the Classic route on the north wall Priest, grade VI (Dan Vasilescu, Alexander snowballs and, my head changed);

Information source
Buletinul informativ — I.P.G.G., nr. 5, 6/1970 şi 8—9/1971
Radu Titeica, Niculae Baticu - Pe crestele Carpatilor, Editura Sport Turism, 1984
Foto - pagina FB Doru Vasilescu, Blog Ovidiu Blag - Articol Camelia Manea
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First ascents

Nr.    Route    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Wall    
1.Traseul Frontal (Creasta Nord-Estică) Fantastic With description With topo4A, 8- (6, A0)3 pitches3     Classic routeSantinela Cheii
2.Pasărea Phoenix (IPGG 3) 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture With video6A, 8- (6+, A1)11 pitches5     Classic routeClaia Strâmbă
3.Traseul Fecioarei Route impracticable/destroyed With description With topo5A, (A2/A3)5 pitches2     Classic routePeretele Mariei



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